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What is the best way to advance your career or to grow your business?

Stop right here for a moment. What is your dream?

Yes, the thing you would do if you had all the resources you needed and knew how to make it happen. If accomplished, how would it change your life?


Imagine that you have one of those huge sequoia trees in your back yard that you need to cut down. And all you have is this “baby” ax. You decide to take tree swings. That’s it, three swings, every day. What is going to hapen? Yes, it doesn’t matter how big the tree is, there is no doubt that it will fall and you will acomplish your goal.

It works the same with our dreams.

But, the problem is, that you make hundreds of decisions every day, and it’s so easy to drift without clear goal in mind. I’m sure that your day is hectic, and you know what? It all comes down to those small things, you have or haven’t done, you will or won’t do today. Yes, those are the things that in the end make big difference.

Are you taking three “swings” every day to get closer to your dream? Actually, lets start with this one, is it a dream or a wish?

Having confidence means that you know what you want and that you have the courage to pursue it. You know what you are good at and you know how you can help others. It means that you believe in yourself enough to go out and test the ideas in the real world, sell and perform the work. You are willing to take risk and able to overcome uncertainty.

How can you make this world better place? What specific problem do you solve?

Having confidence also means to believe. Let’s try something. Think about your dream. Now, let me ask you, How likely will you accomplish it? When you think about it, are your thoughts encouraging? Or more on the negative side? It’s important, because this belief will limit or enhance your potential. This believe will determine the level of your success.

Let’s fight the demon that makes you look smaller than you truly are.


You have the will to make it happen or at least you believe so, but you never act on it. Life gets busy. The problem is that the only way to make your dream reality is to take action. Even the tiniest baby step, that produced measurable results, will make big difference.

Action will bring failure, no doubt. But it is a huge opportunity to learn. Lessons you cannot learn from a book or even a good friend. It will make you better and stronger. You will attract new people into your life. You will get access to new resources. You will gain momentum.

Let’s not miss opportunities. Let’s try new things. Let’s learn. Nothing can stop you. Create.

Talk is cheap. What can you start right now?



It’s a noisy world where everyone fights for attention. You have a great idea. You are determined, but nobody listens? Why don’t they listen? Without influence, without support, you cannot accomplish much. It applies to customers. It applies to team members.

What makes people and things attractive?

Let’s get noticed, let’s get heard, let’s increase the level of your impact.


People around us play a huge role in our success. Do they inspire, encourage, and support you? Or do they rather bring doubt and fear. The road to fulfill any worthwhile dream is long and difficult. It’s full of uncertainty, and it gets hopeless at times. You will need determined and energized people around you.

It’s been said, if you want to be hotter, get closer to the fire. To become better skier, ski with better skiers. To become better writer, follow better writers. If you want to be better CEO, get together with better CEOs. If you want to gow your business, meet with better business owners.

The Next Step

  • Everyday encounters beat us down. Find inspiration. Recharge. Create.
  • Getting out of our comfort zone is scary. Find courage. Expand your boudaries.
  • The beginning is hard and the middle is messy. Find support and encouragement.

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